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Static Website Design Service

static website design service in BristolA static website is a website that acts in exactly the same way as the title describes. Its static (doesn't move). You tend to find that a static website has no moving images or banners and is very formal. These can be excellent for someone thats new to the world of websites, and ideal for someone that doesnt want to spend a fortune to get themselves a presense on the internet.
Social media can be added to these websites however you tend to find that its only direct links that are used. So with this style of website design there are no live feeds to your website and no self updating information.

Brochure - Website Design Services

Brochure website design in Bristol"This is almost the same as the static website listed above, however these websites tend to have movement of images, scrolling banners, galleries of images (ideal for a photographer or builder or someone offering a specialist service etc) with interactive news feeds and email contact forms built in.

If you click on the website image on the left you will see that there is also music playing in the background as you load the website. This can also be substituted for voice overs.

Ecommerce Website Design Bristol

Sell your products online

ecommerce website design bristolThe Ecommerce websites are designed for those who have products or services they wish to sell on the internet. The Ecommerce websites come with a content management sytem that enables you to upload your photos, products, descriptions and link them through to a payment gateway (IE PayPal).

All of the Ecommerce website have reporting facilities ie how many products have been sold, whats been viewed, and even records your customers details for email campaigns. If your looking to sell online be sure to give us a call, we will have a solution thats ideal for you.

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Content Management System

Maintaining Your Website

content management system website design bristolA contentent management system allows you to have control over the content of your website.

This includes being able to update your content, (Wording) images, Headings, and even take control and manage your own SEO. (Search engine optimisation) If you are in an industry which is fast moving IE a newpaper or magazine, your content will changing on a daily basis. Having access to your website and being able to update it in this instance would be vital.

SEO Bristol

Search Engine Optimisation Bristol

seo bristolYou've got a great website, it looks fantastic, yet its not making the phone ring or orders pile in. The reason behind this is that your website probably hasnt been optimised or submitted to search engines (SEO).

This is a very important cog in the wheel of your website. If done correctly it will bring the targeted traffic to your website, from customers on the internet that are looking for the exact service or product that you supply. This service can be added to new and exsisting websites. If your looking for a high quality SEO Company in Gloucester then follow this link.

Website Hosting Services Bristol

Going live

Website design Bristol provide reliable website hostingOK, youve done the hard bit. Youve got your website designed and its all ready to go live. So whats the next step? Well the next thing you need is a provider that can keep your website live, IE make it available to the internet. The easiest way to explain this is that its exactly the same as paying for line rental on your phone line.

At website design Bristol we not only provide you with our own hosting services, we can maintain and make sure everything runs smoothly for you. We also offer this service to other website owners, so if your hosting provider isnt up to the job then let us help you make the switch to us. © 2015. Website Design By Web Design Bristol, Thornbury Web Design and SEO by SEO Bristol Call today on 01454 418593 or 07857345094

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