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ecommerce website designIf you have a business that your looking to expand, and you dont want the outlay of another mortgage for a new shop or property,(Along with all the added bills like business rates etc.) then a Ecommerce website is ideal for you. I say this because getting an e-commerce website up and running doesnt have to take a huge investment. We can produce ecommerce website designs from around £500. So you can see that this experience doesnt have to be too painful.
With your new online shop you will be able to open your doors to customers 24 hours a day. 365 days a year. So even when your asleep your website can be making you that vital additional income.

The UK has the largest number of online shoppers in the developed world

Info sourced from The Telegraph

Have a read... It certainly is interesting. Just a few brief pointers on customer spend. The average UK adult spends £2,180 per year. Thats nearly £42 per week. Compare this to Denmark where the average is around £1000 per person then you can see the Brits are a long way ahead of the competition. Needless to say that your Ecommerce can easily be adapted to sell not only in the UK but also in Europe and the rest of the world.

With ECommerce website Design Bristol, if you have a product or a service you can sell it online.

seo search engine optimisation website design bristolA question I hear a lot is "Im a tradesman, a builder infact, so how can the e-commerce website benefit the services that I offer to the public?"

Well this is a simple one to answer. Do you charge by a day rate? Do you charge per square foot/meter of carpet you lay? We have done work for landscape designers in the past and theyve benefited from the e-commerce systems, in fact the e-commerce site worked incredibly well for them. It ment we had to come up with a software design that customers could put in there garden measurements and the measurements would then be converted into square feet. From this we added the designers hourly rate and hey presto, they started selling garden designs to people all over the UK without even leaving the office. You see the e-commerce site can be used by many trades in many different ways.

OK are these sites easy to use ?

Website design Bristol provide reliable website hostingWell how hard can it be? Well to some the idea of messing around with computers is not for the faint hearted so we have a few different options available for you. You can have a e-commerce web site that is maintained by us, or we can provide you with a website that has a full e-commerce content management system (CMS). A content management system basically means that you will be able to nupload your images and product descriptions in your own time and change the products as when you wish to do so.

What ever you prefer we will spend a day with you training you on the system and showing you how to add and remove your products, along with making the most of the search engine optimisation tools that are built into the CMS. This will help your website appear higher in search engine listings such as Google and Bing etc. If it takes you longer to get to understand the system then no problem for us to give you further training. © 2015. Website Design By Web Design Bristol, Thornbury Web Design and SEO by SEO Bristol Call today on 01454 418593 or 07857345094

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